Guidelines issued by Ministry of Home affairs (MHA) for Offices and Factories

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) recently issued guidelines for Offices/Factories to prevent spreading of CORONA virus and urged the people to strictly follow these rules & regulations for their own safety.

Here are the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs: 

1. Clean the office premises including exit and entrance gates, cafes, meeting rooms, washrooms, water points among others with disinfectants.

2 .Sanitize the walls and floors of the office.

3. Provide transport facilities to the workers coming from distant places.

4. Companies providing transport vehicles should accommodate only 30-40 percent of passengers.

5. All the vehicles and machines should be sanitized before entering the premises.

6. All the staff should go through mandatory thermal screening while entering or exiting the office premises.

7. All the employees of the companies should have medical insurance.

8. Entry and exit gates should have a touch-free mechanism.

9. Common areas, as well as entry and exit gates, should have hand wash and sanitizers.

10. There should 1 hours gap between every shift.

11. Employees should follow social distancing while having lunch.

12. Meetings comprising more than 10 people should not be allowed.

13. Only 2-4 people should enter lift at a time.

14. Use stairs wherever possible.

15. Consuming Gutka or tobacco inside the premises should be prohibited.

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