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Link to Download : ePass2003unblock/

Process to Unblock ePass2003 :

First, Make sure that latest ePass2003 Drivers are installed in your system. Remote Unblock Client works only on
180929 and above driver version :

If your system is having earlier driver version installed, then first update it by clicking on Update button as
shown in image below :

Now, Follow this process :

(i) Download “Remote Unblock Client” from this LINK : ePass2003unblock/

(ii) Extract it and open “RemoteUnblockClient.exe” and a dialog box opens as shown below :

(iii) Now, Insert ePass Token and Click on “Generate Challenge Code” :

After Clicking “Generate Challenge Code”, check the reply Code. If it says “SN¡¢Cert Transmit Success” – It means, you are done. As the reply code shows this message, an “Activation Code” is sent to your registered email id.

[Note : Action code is sent from this email id : ePass PKI Support <>]

(iv) Please check the email id registered in your DSC and Put the activation code in “Input Response code” and click “Unblock” :

(v) After clicking “Unblock”, a dialog box appears :

Enter your “New Password” in “Input User Pin” and again enter the same password in “Confirm User Pin“.

Note : Password should be 8-digit alphanumeric character.

After successful unblock you will get the message Unlock success!

Now, Your DSC Password is reset and you can login your DSC using your newly generated Password.


How to find the registered email id in your DSC

For Identifying the registered email id in your dsc, insert your dsc token to your system.

(i) Open the Internet Explorer and Open Tool Menu (or Press ALT + X).
(ii) Select Internet Option.
(iii) Select Content Tab.
(iv) Click on Certificate Button.
(v) Select the Certificate from the list  under “Personal Tab”.
(vi) Click on “View” Button.
Then, Certificate Dialog Box is Opened.
(vii) Click on “Details” tab and find the field “Subject Alternative Name”.
(viii) Click on “Subject Alternative Name” and you will find the registered email id.



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