Last Date to claim missing ITC of different financial years in GST, Due Date to claim ITC


Financial Year (FY) Last Date/Extended Last Date to Claim ITC
FY 2017-18 20-04-2019

[Order No. 2/2018-Central Tax Dated 31-12-2018]

FY 2018-19 20-10-2019

[As per Sec-16(4)]

FY 2019-20 20-10-2020

[As per Sec-16(4)]

FY 2020-21 20/22/24th Oct 2021

[As per Sec-16(4)]

FROM FY 2021-22 30-11-2022

[As per Notification No. 18/2022-CT dated 28-09-2022]


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