Late-Fee for Annual Return (GSTR-9)

Late-Fee for Annual Return (GSTR-9)

GSTR-9 is an annual return to be filed yearly by “REGULAR TAXPAYERS” registered under GST.

It is required to be filed by all regular taxpayers.

(Note : Exemption from filing GSTR-9 is given to the Taxpayers having Aggregate Annual Turnover upto Rs. 2 crores, for these financial years : FY 2017-18, FY 2018-19, FY 2019-20, FY 2020-21 & FY 2021-22.

Any registered person who fails to furnish the return required under section 44 (i.e. Annual Return) by the due date shall be liable to pay a late fee of two hundred rupees (Rs.100 for CGST and Rs.100 for SGST) for every day during which such failure continues subject to maximum of an amount calculated at a half per cent (0.25% for CGST and 0.25% for SGST) of his turnover in the State or Union territory.

Calculation of Late-fee for Annual Return (GSTR-9) : 
Least of the following is charged if Annual Return is not filed within the due date :
(i) Rs. 200 Per day
(ii) 0.50 % of Turnover

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