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Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has issued Trade Notice No. 41/2019-20 dated 12 December 2019 to notify online filing and issuance of Preferential Certificate of Origin (CoO) for India’s exports to Nepal.

For exports to Nepal under SAFTA and SAPTA, all preferential CoOs are to be issued online from 18 December 2019. This is in continuation with Trade Notice No 34/2019-20 dated 19 September 2019 whereby it was notified that registration on CoO web portal made live from 19 September 2019 and Issue of CoO for India-Chile PTA made effective from 25 September 2019.

For any query in registration, you may connect officials on toll free number 1800-111-550 or drop and email on We have linked copy of trade notice in subject line for your quick reference.


Dated: 12th December, 2019

Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi

TRADE NOTICE No. 41/2019-20


  1. All Exporters/Member of Trade
  2. All Designated Agencies under FTAs/PTAs

Subject: Online filling and Issuance of Preferential Certificate of Origin under SAFTA & SAPTA for India’s Exports to Nepal w.e.f. 18th December 2019

In continuation to Trade Notice 34/2015-2020 dated 19-09-2019, it is informed that the new online platform for issuance of Preferential Certificate of Origin has been live since 19-09-2019. The platform is designed as a single-point access for all FTAs/PTAs, for all designated Certificate of Origin (CoO) issuing agencies and for all export products. The platform is accessible at the following URL:

2. DGFT is working for on-boarding the FTAs/PTAs and the designated issuing agencies. Since 25th September 2019, all CoOs for exports from India to Chile under India-Chile PTA are required to be applied and issued through the platform (URL: https : / /coo . in).

3. Similarly, for exports to Nepal under South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA) and SAARC Preferential Trading Arrangement (SAPTA), the Preferential Certificate of Origin shall be applied and issued only from this platform with effect from 18th December 2019. All agencies are required to issue preferential CoO for exports to Nepal under SAFTA and SAPTA through the platform URL:

4. In light of the given cut-off date of 18th December 2019, exporters to Nepal intending to take benefits under SAFTA and SAPTA are requested to register on the new platform immediately.

5. Following points may be taken note of by exporters in regard to the CoO portal/application process:

a) Digital Signature would be required for the purpose of electronic verification. The digital signature would be the same as used in other DGFT applications;

b) The digital signature to be used may be Class II or Class III and should have the IEC number of the firm embedded in the DSC;

c) On registration at the portal, a password would be sent on the email link to the IEC holder. In case the IEC holder desires to update email on which communication is to be done with the portal, the same may be done by using the ‘Online IEC application’ module on the DGFT website.

d) Once registration is done, all directors’ /partners’ details and branch details would be auto-populated in the certificate of origin as available in the DGFT-IEC database. Please ensure that latest updated IEC details are available in the DGFT-IEC database and necessary steps taken to modify the IEC details online, whenever required;

e) For further guidance, registration and application help manual & FAQs may be seen on the main page of the CoO. platform.

f) For any assistance you may utilize any of the following channels —

i. Raise a complaint/suggestion ticket through Contact@DGFT service available on the DGFT website.

ii. Call the Helpline at the Toll Free number 1800-111-550

iii. Drop an email to

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