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This deed of public charitable trust executed in this 24th day of October 2022, between Ram Kumar S/o Maharaj Dashrath Resident of Ram Nagari, Sita Gali, Ward No.-14, P.O. & P.S.-Ayodhya, Dist.- Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh hereinafter called the SETTLOR (which expression shall wherever the context so admits or require be deemed to include his survivors’ heirs, executors, administrators, successors, legal representative and assignee) of the First part.



1) Ram Kumar age -30 yrs. S/o Maharaj Dashrath Resident of Ram Nagari, Sita Gali, Ward No.-14, P.O. & P.S.-Ayodhya, Dist.- Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, Pin-224001 Occupation-Social Work, Designation-Chairman, M.N.-xxxxx18901, Aadhar-5xxx xxxx xxx8


2) Laxman Kumar  age-27 yrs. S/o Maharaj Dashrath Resident of Ram Nagari, Sita Gali, Ward No.-14, P.O. & P.S.-Ayodhya, Dist.- Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, Pin-224001 Occupation-Social Work, Designation-Chairman, M.N.-xxxxx18901, Aadhar-5xxx xxxx xxx9


3) Bharat Kumar S/o Maharaj Dashrath Resident of Ram Nagari, Sita Gali, Ward No.-14, P.O. & P.S.-Ayodhya, Dist.- Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, Pin-224001 Occupation-Social Work, Designation-Chairman, M.N.-xxxxx18901, Aadhar-5xxx xxxx xxx7


4) Shatrughan Kumar age-21 yrs. S/o Maharaj Dashrath Resident of Ram Nagari, Sita Gali, Ward No.-14, P.O. & P.S.-Ayodhya, Dist.- Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, Pin-224001 Occupation-Social Work, Designation-Chairman, M.N.-xxxxx18901, Aadhar-5xxx xxxx xxx6


5) Hanuman Kumar age-23 yrs. S/o Maharaj Dashrath Resident of Ram Nagari, Sita Gali, Ward No.-14, P.O. & P.S.-Ayodhya, Dist.- Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, Pin-224001 Occupation-Social Work, Designation-Chairman, M.N.-xxxxx18901, Aadhar-5xxx xxxx xxx8

Indian National hereinafter called of referred to as Trustees (which expressions shall wherever the context so admits or requires be deemed to include her survivors, heirs, executors, administrators, successors, legal representative and assignee) of the Second Part.

Whereas The settlor is desirous of establishing a trust for public charitable object and whereas the trustees have at the request of Settlor, agreed to act as the First trustees of these presents as testified by their being parties to and executing these presents. And whereas it is necessary to declare the objects and terms of this public charitable trust, being constituted under these presents.

Now this indenture witnesses as follows that in order to effectuate his


 aforesaid desire, the Settlor has set a part and handed over to the Trustees a sum of Rs. 1,50,000/- (One lakh fifty Thousand only) (hereinafter called the ‘Trust fund’ which Expression shall include cash and any other property or investments of any kind whatsoever into which the same of any part thereof might be converted, invested or varied from time to time or which may be acquired by the Trustees or may come to their hands by the virtue of these presents or by operation of law or otherwise howsoever in relation to these presents) and the Trustees shall hold and stand possessed of the same upon the Trust objects to the powers, provision, agreements and declarations hereinafter contained.

  1. Name: The name of the Trust shall be MATA SITA CHARITABLE AND WELFARE TRUST.


  1. Registered Office: The Registered office of the trust shall be located in East Champaran District and at present shall be placed at Ram Nagari, Sita Gali, Ward No.-14, P.O. & P.S.-Ayodhya, Dist.- Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, Pin-224001 and it can be changed at such other place as the Board of trustees may decide from time to time. The trustees may change the name of Trust if they mutually so decided in the future.


  1. Area of operation: the operational area of the trust shall be whole India and may be reduced as the trustees may decide.


  1. Administrative office: Branches or project office: Trust may have administrative office or branches or project offices in such place or places as decided by the chairman of trust or Board of trustees time to time within the Operational area of the Trust under the overall guidance and control of the registered office.


  1. Fund of the Trust: The assets together with all further donations, contribution, grant and loan in any shape or form made to said trust from time to time, and rents, profits and income thereof and the stocks, funds and properties representing the same shall be held by the Trustees upon Trust for the object and purposes and subject to powers and provisions hereinafter set out.


  1. Objects of the trust: Trust will extend its services without discriminating the caste, creed, race and religion but special emphasis will be Poor, educationally backward in particular and weak sections in general. The objects of trust are to:


6.1       Establish, run, develop and management of Hospital, Medical schools and colleges, Pharmacy and Dental Colleges, Nursing Institutions, Paramedical, Health, Educational Institutions, Polytechnics Industrial Training Centre, Teacher’s Training Colleges, Dispensaries, Maternity Homes, Technical or Non-technical Institutions like information Technology & Engineering Colleges, Management Institutes. Child or Women Welfare Centers and or such similar Institutes in India for the benefit of the general public.


6.2       Establish, run, develop and management, assist and Support of colleges, libraries, reading books, Laboratories, research and other institutions of the like nature in India for the development and advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge amongst the public in general.


6.3       Establish, run, develop and management studentships, Scholarships and render other kind of aid to students including supply of books stipends, medals and other incentives to study without any distinction as to caste, color, race, creed or sex.


6.4       Promote, establish, run or manage higher education Institution for the promotion of science and technology. Management, literature, music, drama and fine arts in India. For the benefit of the public in general.


6.5       Establish, run, maintain or manage for the establishment and or maintenance of parks, garden, gymnasium, sports, club, Dharmsalas and rest houses for use by public in general.


6.6       Establish, run, maintain or manage shelter/homes, Orphanages or other establishments for the relief and help to the poor, needy and destitute people, orphans, widows, aged Persons and helpless children.


6.7       Establish, run, maintain or manage institutions or centers for the physically handicapped and disabled or mentally Retarded persons and the poor to provide them education, food, clothing or other helps.


6.8       Extend relief work and assist to the needy victims during Natural calamities such as famine, earthquake, flood, fire, Pestilence etc. and to give assistance to institutions, Establishments or persons engaged in such relief work.


6.9       Organize or promote programs of training in social work as and when required and also to study and analyze Govt. Plan policies and social problems requiring urgent Intervention through surveys, research and evaluation in such manner as may be considered necessary,


6.10     Remote conducts undertake or participate in national and international events, exhibitions, museums, seminars, Conferences and conventions.

6.11     Establish, maintain, manage institutions and research Centers or implement programs or centers for:

*          Promotion of Indian system of Medicine & Homeopathy, Yoga, Sidha, Unani, Naturopathy and other system of medicine.

*          Vocational Training in approved courses of National Council of Vocational Training and other govt. departments.

*          Promotion of animal husbandry, agro industry and other micro rural industries.

*          Acceleration of food processing industries and Preservation of fruits and vegetables.

*          Health and Family Welfare, Adolescent Health Care, HIV/AIDS, Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Cancer etc.

*          Promotion and expansion of Handicrafts.

*          Welfare and protection of consumer’s right.

*          Self-help Group of men and women for their Development and socioeconomic change.

*          Check of atrocities against women and children.

*          Eradication of child labour problem and Rehabilitation of bonded labour.

*          Control of environment pollution.

*          Irrigation of agriculture land, Co-operative, Marketing and processing and storage along with development of rural growth centers.

*          Dramatic, film making, acting and performing art and audio-visual screening process technical.

*          Rain water harvesting and watershed management.


6.12     Promote or organize or implement activities for the Promotion of cultivation of aromatic and medical plants. Horticulture, social forestry and forest expansion.


6.13     Make effort for information dissemination & D to expedite. The nonconventional source of energy.


6.14     Promote and execute activities like sanitation, water supply, and rural health, construction of roads, and other for rural Reconstruction whenever necessary.


6.15     Promote, produce, sale and advertise khadi products and Village industries as approved by Khadi & Village industries Commission.


6.16     Promote, produce, sale and advertise audio visual software/film for furtherance of aforesaid objects.


6.17     Provide consultancy, placement and advisory services, undertake all acts, deeds and things connected with, incidental to a germane to the aforesaid objects.


6.18     To run for the upliftment of all kinds of women & men welfare programmes rural development programmes educational programmes (adult education/natural/formal education) consumer rights, formation and training of self-help group, Dalit Human rights, Nan Sashakit Karan, Pollution Control programme, Mahila Mandal Panchayati Raj and aware people in this field under the Scheme of rural development programme and help to the people. To run women and child labour and bonded labour welfare programme, minority school and provide rehabilitation and employment to those people.


6.19     To run environment & agricultural development programme. To hold seminar on promotion of indigenous system Agriculture farming and wormy compost for the development of agriculture under rural development programme, on non-conventional energy/ solar energy & its distribution. To run science & technology development programme and aware the farmers youth & women in the field of technology & conduct the research activities through established centre (lab to field).


6.20     To educate people for proper sanitation specially in rural area provide drinking water, snanagar, tubewell, to dig well, water tank, road & culvert & drainage to plant trees around and scheme of Self-Help Group, Rural Development Scheme, Income Generation Scheme, Gramin Yojna, for benefit of poor people.


  1. Board of trustees: – The Trust shall be vested in a Board of


Trustees (hereinafter called the board) which shall consist of Not less than five and not more than nine trustees, the first Trustees constituting the Board are: –

  1. Ram Kumar
  2. Laxman Kumar
  3. Bharat Kumar
  4. Shatrughan Kumar
  5. Hanuman Kumar


7.1       The Board of Trustees shall have one chairman and one vice chairman. The first Chairman of the board will be Ram Kumar  and Laxman Kumar will be first Secretary. The Chairman will continue at his will and shall Not liable to be removed. The term of all other trustees shall be of five years.


7.2       The first trustees constituting the board shall have the Power to increase the strength of the board by appointing thereto one or more person on the recommendation of Chairman whether on the same occasion or on different Occasions, as trustees or trustees, but the total number of Persons constituting the board shall at no time exceed nine.


7.3       In the event of vacancy in the office of Chairman, the board shall elect a chairman from amongst themselves.


7.4       If any of the Trustees shall die, or desire to retire refuse or become incapacitated to act as a Trustee or take the benefit of insolvency law, then and in every such case, there shall be a vacancy in the Board.


7.5       A Trustee’s may be removed from his office on following Grounds-

(1) If the Trustee becomes unfit or personally incapable to Act in the Trust;

(2) if found guilty of (a) misconduct or abuse of office (b) acting dishonesty or fraudulently (c) Misappropriation of Trust funds (d) moral turpitude (e) Application of trust property to private purposes etc.

A Trustee may be removed by a resolution adopted by two-third majority of the members of the Board present and voting at a meeting specially called for the purpose. The Trustees affected shall be given reasonable opportunity to Show case against proposed action.



7.6       Vacancies in the Board may be filled by the remaining Trustees at the meeting called for the purpose. Casual Vacancies in the Board may be filled in the manner aforesaid for the unexpired part of the term of the Trustee causing the Vacancy. A retiring Trustee shall be eligible for re-election on the recommendation of Chairman.


7.7       The quorum for a meeting of the Board shall be 1:3rd of the Existing members. If the meeting shall be adjourned to One hour of the fixed time the meeting shall be adjourned to the same day and time at the same place for the next week. Adjourned meeting shall not require having a quorum.


7.8       Vacancies in the Board shall not invalidate the any of the Proceedings of the Board.


7.9       The Board may meet as often as necessary and, in any Event, not less than twice in a calendar year.


7.10     Decision at the meeting of the Board shall be taken by the Majority of the Trustees present by unanimous decision or voting. In the case of quality of votes, the Chairman of the Board shall have a second casting vote.


7.11     Notice shall be served personally or send by post to the Board of Trustees seven days prior for regular meetings and 24 hours before for emergency meeting.


  1. Power and Function of the Board of Trustees:


8.1       To accept any donation, contribution, grant, loan or subscription in cash or kind from any person(s), body of Persons or Trust Govt. Semi Govt./Department or Agency, National or International donor, with or without conditions.

8.2       To apply the whole or any part of the income of the Trust, or the Trust fund or accumulations thereto anyone or more of the objects of the Trust, as the trustees may in their Discretion, deem fit from time to time.


8.3       To convert and deal with the Trust property and/or any investments for the time being.


8.4       To invest the Trust fund either in the purpose mortgage of immovable property or in shares, stock or debentures or other


securities and investments or in deposits with or loans to any company, bank, firm or any other person and to alter, vary or transpose such investment from time to time at the discretion of the Trustees.


8.5       To borrow or raise or secure payments of money and also to Lend money either with or without security.


8.6       To sell, dispose of, alien at or otherwise deal with any property comprising the Trust fund.


8.7       To let-out, demise any immovable property comprised in the Trust-fund for such period and at such rent on such terms and conditions as the Trustees in their discretion may think fit.


8.8       To adjust, settle, compromise, compound refer to Arbitration, all actions, suits, claims, demands and Proceedings regarding the Trust fund.


8.9       To appoint or make provision for the appointment of any person for the purpose of the administration of the Trust in such manner and subject to such rules and regulations as the trustees may prescribed and also to appoint or provide for the appointment or separate Trustees to hold any fund or investment subject to the provisions of this Deed in such manner and subject to such rules and regulations as the Trustee may from time to time think fit.


8.10     To make, vary, alter or modify schemes, rules and regulations for carrying out the objects of the Trust and for the management of the affairs thereof and/or running any institution in furtherance of the objects of the Trust and otherwise for giving effect to the objects of the Trust.


8.11     To start, abolish, discontinue and restart any charity or Charitable institution for the benefit of the general public and to impose any condition to subscription or donation made by them.


8.12     To set apart and/or allocate the whole or a part of the income or the corpus of the Trust Fund or part hereof for any of the objects of the Trust.


8.13     To settle all accounts and to compromise, compound abandon


or refer to arbitration any action or proceedings or Disputes, claim demand or things or deemed proper for such purpose without being responsible for any loss occasioned thereby.


8.14     To apply the government, public bodies, urban, local, Municipal, district and other bodies, corporation, companies or persons for and to accept grant of money and of aid, donations, gifts subscriptions and other assistance with a view to promotion the objects of the Trust and discuss and Negotiate with the Government department, public and other Bodies corporation, companies or persons, schemes and other work and matters within the objects of the Trust and to confirm to any proper conditions upon which such grants and other payment may be made.


8.15     To establish, regulate or discontinue branches, centers or projects offices within India or appointing representatives or agents or advisory committees.


8.16     To subscribe to become a member of or otherwise co-operate with any other Trust or its branch whether incorporated or not whose objects are either wholly or in part. Similar to those of Trust or which could promote the interest of the Trust.


8.17     The trustees shall from and out of the income realized from the properties, assets and funds of Trust, and from other Such endowments and from the Government grants and from any other sources which they may get, expend such sum or sums of money as they may deem proper towards the maintenance of the properties the Trust, pay all taxes pay such sums towards the repayments of any borrowing by the trustees and meet all expenses which the Trustees may in their discretion think necessary for the proper and efficient Management of the Trust. And in particular pay the salaries an allowance of all staff and servants, purchases of books, equipment and furniture’s Pay management contribution for the provident fund of the Staff, gratuity, pension etc. awards, prizes or scholarships to Studentship to students and incur any other items of Expenditure relating to institutions, if any, under the Management of the Trust not hereinbefore specially Mentioned, it being understood that above enumeration gives not priority to any particular item or expense nor is the same exhaustive.


8.18     No part of the Trust property or its income or any accretion there to shall be applied for any purpose which is not a Charitable purpose in law and all provisions hereof shall be Controlled accordingly.


8.19     The board of Trustees has management of the affair of the Trust and the overall supervision and superintendence of the Trust and all institutions run by the Trust and all matters incidental thereto.


8.20     No part of the Trust property or its income or any accretion. There to shall be applied for any purpose which is not a Charitable purpose in law and all provisions hereto shall be Controlled accordingly.


  1. Accounts and Audit:


9.1       The account or accounts of the Trust shall be opened by the name of the Trust and / or branches project offices Centres or institutions run or conducted by The Trust with a Nationalized or scheduled bank or other banks approved or permitted by Reserve Bank of India or in Post Office and it shall be operated by one or more of the Trustees or such person authorized by Board of Trustees time to time.


9.2       The accounts of the Trust shall be audited every year by a Chartered Accountant or a firm of chartered Accountants that will be appointed by the Board of Trustees with the consultation of the chairman,


9.3       The audited accounts the Trust shall be adopted at a meeting of the Board of Trustees called for the purpose and Remuneration of the Chartered Accountant of firm of Chartered Accountants shall be fixed by the Board of Trustees.


  1. Power to amalgamate:

The Board of Trustees may allow and permit any other Trust, Institution or charity, in any local area or areas whose objects are either wholly or in part similar to those of these presents to

the intent and effect that such other Trust Institution or charity shall be deemed to be a part and parcel of the Trust created by these presents, provided that no conditions are accepted which involves a change in the name of this Trust or inconsistent with or repugnant to the objects of this Trust.


  1. Indemnity:


11.1     The Trustees shall be chargeable only for such money, Stocks, funds, deposits and securities as they shall actually receive not withstanding their signing any receipt for the sake or conformity and shall by answerable or accountable only for their own deliberate or willful acts of omissions or commission.


11.2     No Trustees shall be liable for any breach of Trust committed the co-trustee except in respect of his own act and in respect of any property in his custody.


  1. Power to Re-imburse:

The Trustees of these present are entitled to be reimbursed and also to pay and discharge out of the Trust-Fund, all Expenses incurred by them or on their behalf in or about the Execution of the Trust and the powers of these presents.


  1. Allowances to Trustees & Office-bearers:

If at any time any Trustees acts as whole-time office bearer of the Trust or renders any special service, the Board of Trustees may in its discretion pay such remuneration or Allowances to such Trustee as it may think proper.


  1. Accounting year of the Trust:

The accounting year of the Trust shall be the financial year Ending on 31st March every year.


  1. Amendments:

The Trust, Trust-Fund and the provisions relating to the Appointment of the first chairman of the Board are irrevocable. Subject as aforesaid, the terms of this deed may be amended, altered or modified by a majority of 2/3rd members of the Board present and voting in a meeting called for the purpose. Provided, however that no amendment contrary to the objects of the Trust hereinbefore set forth shall be valid and effective.


  1. Jurisdiction of courts:

The competent court in East Champaran shall have exclusive Jurisdiction to decide any question regarding the Interpretation and construction of this Deed or administration of the Trust and the related matters. In the event of such Courts have concurrent Jurisdiction with any other Court or Courts in respect of any claim or dispute against or by the Trust or


Trustee or any matter connected there with the competent courts of Ayodhya, shall have Jurisdiction to Entertain, try and determine such claim or dispute in exclusion for such other court or courts.


  1. Dissolution of the Trust:

In the case of dissolution of the Trust, the remaining assets of the Trust shall be handed over to any other Trust for Application for similar objects in the witness where of the parties here unto seen and subscribe their respective hands on this 24th day of October, 2022.


Executed Trust deed, read over

Full contents and found correct.



(Ram Kumar)






(Laxman Kumar)





  1.                               (Bharat Kumar)




(Shatrughan Kumar)




(Hanuman Kumar)



Tahrir & Tamil Dated on: 24th day of October 2022


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