How to Reset Income Tax Password without OTP, DSC and Registered Email & Mobile

There are 5 ways to reset your Income Tax password on Income tax e-filing portal (i.e. :

1. Through Aadhar OTP

2. Through DSC (Digital Signature)

3. Through Registered E-mail and Mobile (OTP)

4. Through Net Banking Login

5. Through “Answering Secret Questions”  (OTP received on Registered E-mail and Mobile)

But, in case you are not able to Reset your password through any of the ways mentioned above ;

there is a 6th option (which is also 100% online) through which you can reset your password.

Documents required to reset your income tax password are :

1. Self-Attested PAN (PDF)

2. Self-Attested Aadhar (PDF)

3. Self-Attested Password Reset Request Letter (PDF)

Now, you need to put these 3 documents in a “Zipped Folder“.

And E-mail this zipped folder from your personal e-mail id (E-mail id of the person whose password is to be reset) to :

[You will receive a temporary password (in your mail) to reset your password within 24 to 72 hours and then you can easily reset your password].


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